Carolina Distance Learning Dropbox FAQs

by Distance Learning Staff

Carolina Distance Learning® delivers your lab kit’s digital resources to your Dropbox, so it’s important to understand that process. We’ve gathered some customer FAQs here as a helpful guide. If you have a Dropbox question that isn’t addressed below, please reach out to us at

How do I set up a Dropbox with Carolina Distance Learning®?

Your Distance Learning Specialist will set up your Dropbox and email you the link to it after your signed proposal is received.

What digital resources does Carolina Distance Learning® deliver to my Dropbox?

• Lab Manuals—Kit lab manuals are provided as PDFs that you upload to your LMS for distribution to your students.

• Lab Report Templates—Includes blank (Q) versions for students and answer key (AK) versions for instructors. All versions are in Word format.

• Assessments—Available in Word and Respondus® formats. Questions are in multiple choice and short answer form.

• Packing List—List of included kit materials as a PDF. Upload it to your LMS and ask students to check their kits for missing/broken materials using the list as reference.

• Intro Videos—Videos that introduce concepts; upload them to your LMS and assign them to your students as pre-lab viewing.

• Virtual Lab Materials—These materials include a video or weblink explaining how to integrate your virtual lab into your LMS, a user guide for instructors, and a user guide for students.

I lost the link to my Dropbox. What do I do?

Email us at and we’ll resend the link.

My Dropbox needs to be updated. Who do I contact?

Email us at to update your Dropbox.

How do I upload digital lab kit resources from my Dropbox to my LMS?

Resource files must be downloaded from your Dropbox to your computer before the files can be uploaded to your LMS. The procedure for uploading files varies depending on your LMS platform. Contact your LMS administrator for help. If necessary, you can contact one of our Distance Learning Specialists at for further assistance.

Which digital lab kit resources in my Dropbox can I modify to better suit my course?

You are welcome to modify any of the resources except for the PDF lab manuals. Any modification to the lab protocols voids the liability policy that covers each kit user.

I’ve received the Dropbox link as the primary contact for the kit, but there are multiple instructors teaching with this kit, and a different instructor is teaching the lab course next term. How do I make sure they have access to the digital lab kit resources in the Dropbox?

You are encouraged to share the Dropbox link, and this guide, with those instructors who need access to the digital lab kit resources.

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