Carolina Distance Learning® Essential Kits

Rigorous, high-quality lab kits with hands-on and virtual components

Created by our Distance Learning Specialists to provide your students with a full lab experience, these kits incorporate hands-on and virtual components. To make that lab experience more affordable and engaging, we’ve designed the kits to align with free OpenStax™ Open Educational Resources (OER) textbooks.

Why choose Carolina Distance Learning® Essentials Kits?

These kits are a great choice for educators looking for cost-effective lab kits to help students meet learning objectives. Kits start at just $70 and are:

  • Rigorous—meeting the same objectives and outcomes as on-campus labs
  • High quality—they engage students with exceptional materials and investigations
  • Supported— with implementation help from our Distance Learning Specialists

Carolina Distance Learning® Essentials Chemistry Kit

Priced at $70, it includes:

  • POC Safety Set
  • Chemistry Mini Equipment Set
  • Chemistry Mini Chemical Set
  • Distance Learning Exploring Density
  • Distance Learning Single Replacement Stoichiometry
  • Distance Learning Acetic Acid in Vinegar
  • Balancing Chemical Equations Virtual Lab
  • Electron Configuration Virtual Lab
  • Introduction to the Scientific Method Dry Lab
  • Exploring Chemical and Physical Changes Dry Lab
  • Nuclear Decay Virtual Lab

Carolina Distance Learning® Essentials Biology Kit

Priced at $94, it includes:

  • POC Safety Set
  • Essentials Biology Equipment Set
  • Distance Learning Fruit DNA Extraction Set
  • Distance Learning Cell Structure & Function
  • Distance Learning Cellular Respiration Set
  • Introduction to the Scientific Method Dry Lab
  • Cell Cycle and Mitosis Virtual Lab
  • Survey of Plant and Animal Cells Virtual Lab
  • DNA Replication, RNA Transcription, and Protein Synthesis Dry Lab
  • Dichotomous Keys: Cells and Viruses Dry Lab
  • Blood Typing Dry Lab

Carolina Distance Learning® Essentials Anatomy & Physiology Kit

Priced at $80, it includes:

  • POC Safety Set
  • Distance Learning Basic Dissection Set
  • Comparative Mammalian Organ Dissection
  • Blood Typing Dry Lab
  • Respiratory Physiology Dry Lab
  • Cardiovascular Physiology Dry Lab
  • Introduction to Histology Virtual Lab
  • Introduction to Histology: Skin Virtual Lab (and other histology virtual labs)
  • PCR Virtual Lab

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