Carolina HyFlex

Lab kits and materials that produce great results—
at home or on campus!

Lab kits and materials that produce great results—at home or on campus!

What is a Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) class? A HyFlex class allows students to attend class in person, synchronously online, or asynchronously online. That flexibility gives students the opportunity to attend class who, due to circumstances, might not otherwise be able to do so. It also gives institutions the opportunity to increase enrollment and the number of courses they can offer.

Is a science lab class a suitable candidate for HyFlex? Yes, with Carolina HyFlex, students and institutions have access to the lab kits and digital support materials needed for a successful HyFlex science lab class. These kits and materials produce great results when used at home or on campus. Here are some of the reasons why:

They're Safe

Each lab kit comes with materials, instructions, and training for students to safely complete the investigations. Lab manuals include “roadblocks” that encourage students to read and heed safety precautions before starting an activity. All kits include liability insurance.

They're Complete

Everything a student needs to perform the investigation is included in each lab kit. Kits can be ordered by students and shipped directly to their homes, or institutions may choose to have kits delivered directly to their campuses. Instructors can use the time normally spent ordering and organizing lab materials for other tasks.

They're Flexible

Our lab kits are flexible by design to provide students with a rigorous, engaging, hands-on lab experience at home or on campus. In a HyFlex class, our kits can provide students with the same great results wherever they do the lab.

They're LMS Friendly

Digital resources such as lab manuals, editable assessments, and instructional videos are included with each lab kit. These can be uploaded to your institution’s LMS for seamless integration with your existing learning environment and distribution to students off and on campus.

Learn more, reach out

For a general overview of Carolina HyFlex, watch this brief video. For personal guidance, coaching, course design, and other resources to help you implement a HyFlex science lab class, reach out to us with the form below.

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