Carolina Distance Learning® High School

Announcing the release of a new series of hands-on lab kits for online high school students.

Introducing Carolina Distance Learning® High School

Based on our successful series of hands-on lab kits for online college students, these kits were created by experienced science educators to provide high school students with a full lab experience at home, incorporating hands-on and virtual components.

The features

Like the college-level kits from which they were developed, these kits incorporate key features that set them apart from others:

  • Standards alignment—Our lab kits are meticulously designed to align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), OpenStax™ texts, and the Khan Academy curriculum, ensuring lab content that prepares students for future challenges.
  • Hands-on experiments—These experiments use high-quality materials and procedures from Carolina Distance Learning® to engage your students and prepare them for college and career.
  • Safety first—Backed by our liability insurance policy, our lab kits have been specifically developed for safe use by students at home. Required pre-lab assessments ensure students are prepared to complete the labs and meet safety requirements, providing peace of mind to instructors and parents.

The experience

Our aim with this new kit series is to provide a great experience for students and instructors through these essential components:

  • Carolina Online Gateway—Our pedagogically inspired platform offers a scientific phenomenon and a driving question to pique student curiosity and drive engagement.
  • Claim-evidence-reasoning model—Digital notebooks using the claim-evidence-reasoning model foster scientific literacy by allowing students to answer questions, find supporting evidence, and make conclusions.
  • Easy implementation—Our interactive platform seamlessly integrates with all major LMSs for easy implementation.

The next step

Discover how Carolina Distance Learning® High School can elevate your online science curriculum. Simply fill out and submit the form below. One of our Distance Learning Specialists will reach out to schedule a personalized demo.

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