About Us

We help you transform lives through the power of science.

Distance Learning in Science

Carolina Distance Learning leverages the 95+ years of innovation and technology ofCarolina Biological Supply.

Learn from Home

Carolina Distance Learning provides at-home lab programs for college-level distance education. Our kits deliver the same results as traditional labs, allowing educators to give more students the opportunity to discover science.

Online Education

Our kits equip your students for success with support resources, such as detailed lab manuals with clear instructions that can be uploaded to your LMS, editable assessments, instructional videos, and more.

Experienced Support

Carolina’s Distance Learning Specialists develop all lab materials and kits—the team has more than 60 years of experience teaching and most hold graduate degrees in the sciences.

Convenient Delivery

We offer full support throughout the development and implementation of your lab—including custom design in partnership with our experts and a robust distribution system to ensure easy ordering and timely delivery.

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