Ensuring Safety and Success

Carolina Distance Learning® kits  are proven safe for use outside the traditional lab.

Hands-On Science Labs

Our distance education labs are created after extensive testing to ensure that
each lab exceeds best practices for lab safety in a residential setting.

Is a science lab class a suitable candidate for HyFlex? Yes, with Carolina HyFlex, students and institutions have access to the lab kits and digital support materials needed for a successful HyFlex science lab class. These kits and materials produce great results when used at home or on campus. Here are some of the reasons why:

Complete Solution

Personal protective equipment (PPE)
included in every kit

Residential Use

Materials are safe to use at home
and can be easily discarded

Student Training

Safety training and precautions
for students are included in all kits

Liability Policy

Covers students while they
are completing our labs

Handling Instructions

Safety data sheets (SDS) are
provided for all materials

Clear Manuals

Clear, precise instructions
to guide student work

Lab Kits Designed for Home Use

Safety is paramount in all that we do. This means providing personal protective equipment (PPE) in each kit as well as safety data sheets and clear, precise manuals with safety training for students. Each distance learning science kit is backed by a certificate of liability insurance coverage.

Design and Testing

Each virtual science lab is tested to ensure it is safe to perform in a non-lab setting, with any hazardous materials replaced with less hazardous options when possible. If necessary for a learning outcome, microscale quantities of hazardous chemicals are provided along with proper instructions and warnings.

Carolina Distance Learning offers many materials and activities for adult college students that can be used outside the classroom. All should be used with the guidelines and procedures that accompany the activities provided.  For safety, users should follow all instructions and should not attempt to substitute or reuse materials unless the instructions say to do so. Students must review the activities provided and ensure all safety recommendations are followed. Safety is paramount whether at school or home.

Carolina Biological Supply company maintains appropriate levels of product liability coverage.  We are pleased to provide a copy of our certificate of insurance if requested with any lab kit proposal.

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