How It Works

Our Distance Learning Specialists can help you design a custom lab kit to match your desired learning outcomes.

Our Process

Our commitment to your success means that we provide options that work for differing needs. Choose from Ready-to-Ship kits that cover the most frequently taught science concepts or submit your syllabus and we will provide a free course design to help build a custom kit that meets your course requirements. Need information right now? Use our Design a Kit feature to design your own custom kit and get an instant quote online.

Custom Kits are in our DNA

Our distance learning experts will help you build a kit to your needs. Then, your students follow a simple ordering process, and we quickly ship the kits to their homes.

Speak to a Representative

Submit Syllabus

Send us your syllabus, and we will work with you to design a lab kit.

Design Your Kit

We’ll help as much or as little as you like in building and pricing your kit.

Review Your Kit

Once your kit is created, we will send you a free sample to evaluate.

Select a Distribution Method

We can contact your school’s bookstore to make the kits available for purchase. Or we can create a custom landing page for students to purchase kits online. Choose your preferred method.

Deliver Kits

Your custom-designed kits are delivered to students’ homes.

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