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Meet with Carolina Distance Learning’s specialists in person at one of our upcoming functions in your area.

Upcoming Events

Through workshops, conferences, and webinars Carolina Distance Learning provides great opportunities to meet, explore distance learning, and learn something new.

Workshops and Conferences

Get to know us, ask questions, and learn more about distance learning at one of these upcoming events.


Our webinars are a convenient, engagingway to get up to speed on distance learning topics online.

Conference Location Dates
Dallas, TX
Feb 29 - March 2
Roanoke, VA
April 10 - 13
Alamance CC
Friday, April 12
Denver, CO
April 10 - 13
Amhurst, NY
May 21 - 24
St. Louis, MO
May 25 - 29
St. Louis, MO
June 17 - 20
College Park, MD
June 25 - 29
North Carolina
CCCS - CCCO Conference
Rosemont, IL
November 4 - 6
Pittsburgh, PA
November 15 - 17
OLC Accelerate
November 18 - 21
Austin, TX
December 7 -10
Philedelphia, PA
December 11 - 13
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