Design a Science Lab Kit for Your Online Curriculum

Investigations in this series explore aseptic technique and use of media, the Kirby-Bauer method, biochemical tests in microbiology, and other key topics.

Each ecourse provides students with learning outcomes to master, such as explain and apply the aseptic practices used for microbiology experiments; and more. All Microbiology Series kits include a Microbiology Starter Pack with safety and laboratory supplies for use in multiple investigations, and a Microbe Set with lyophilized cultures. A Distance Learning Microscope may also be included.

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Explore our investigations below. Labs are organized by topic tabs and include information about outcomes and materials included.

Review Your Kit

Starter sets and safety equipment are automatically included–fees are detailed below. You can view your selections in the quote summary to the right.

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Once you have built your custom kit, proceed to quote submission and one of our Distance Learning Specialists will be in touch soon!

Required Material Details

Microbiology Starter Set (Required)

Contains personal protective equipment and nonperishable laboratory supplies for use in multiple investigations.


Microbe Set (required)

Includes lyophilized cultures of four different bacterial species.


Media Set †

Automatically added if you select one or more investigations that require general purpose media.


Distance Learning Microscope

Automatically added if you select one or more investigations that require a microscope. Speak to your Distance Learning Specialist about other options.


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Microbiology Starter Set
Microbe Set
Each culture comes with tryptic soy broth, tryptic soy agar, sterile applicators, a sterile pipet, and rehydration instructions.
Media Set

Note: Quantities may vary based on the investigations you selected for your kit. Please send us your list of desired investigations to obtain an exact quote from a specialist.

Distance Learning Microscope

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