Atoms, Molecules, and Stoichiometry

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Atomic Emission and Flame Test

Conduct flame tests of metal ions. Determine the light wavelengths

Balancing Chemical Equations

Requires Modeling KitDefine atom, element, molecule, and compound. Apply

Balancing Chemical Equations Dry Lab

Define atom, element, molecule, and compound. Apply the use of

Balancing Chemical Equations Dry Lab Virtual Lab

In this investigation, students use digital manipulatives to balance chemical

Dehydration of an Inorganic Salt Hydrate

Explain how heating allows the water content of a hydrate

Estimating Avogadro's Number

Practice calculations using volume, mass, moles, and molecules to calculate

Introduction to Molecules: Bond Polarity and Hydrocarbons

Requires Modeling KitConstruct three-dimensional molecular models. Sketch three-dimensional line

Introduction to Molecules: Molecular Bonding & Shapes

Requires Modeling KitUse electronegativity difference to classify bonds as

Lewis Structures and Molecular Shapes

Requires Modeling KitApply valence bond theory to draw appropriate

Periodicity and the Periodic Table

Employ periodicity, a predictable reoccurring pattern, to organize information. Make

Single Replacement Reaction: Stoichiometry and Percent Yield

Balance chemical equations. Use stoichiometry as a tool to determine
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