Anatomy & Physiology

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This series of investigations presents an in-depth survey of human anatomy and physiology. Its hands-on investigations cover a wide array of topics ranging from cell structure and function, to blood typing, to identifying major organs and systems.

Each investigation has learning outcomes for students to master, such as dissect and examine a mammalian brain; recognize different types of blood cells; identify the different elements of the cardiac cycle; and many more. All Anatomy and Physiology Series kits include a Starter Pack that contains safety supplies required for the investigations. The Dissection Set and/or Distance Learning Microscope may also be included depending on the investigations you select.

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Explore our investigations below. Labs are organized by topic tabs and include information about outcomes and materials included.

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Starter sets and safety equipment are automatically included–fees are detailed below. You can view your selections in the quote summary to the right.

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Required Material Details

A&P Starter Set (Required)

Contains safety supplies and equipment required for any of the available investigations.


Dissection Set

Automatically added if you select one or more investigations that require dissection supplies.


Distance Learning Microscope

Automatically added if you select one or more investigations that require a microscope. Speak to your Distance Learning Specialist about other options.


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A&P Safety Set
Dissection Set Materials
Distance Learning Microscope

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